Mon. Aug 8th, 2022


Oppo F19 Pro Plus is the latest in the range of Oppo phones. This phone was introduced by Oppo mobile phones when it swept away the competition like a hurricane. This is the mid-budget smartphone which is the latest addition to the Oppo family. It has all the basic features that one would look for in a smartphone from the budget conscious market.

With the Oppo F19 Pro Plus you get an amazing amount of connectivity options. The phone comes equipped with Dual SIM cards which allow you to switch over to your international SIM card with ease and at the same time allow you to use GSM services in the country where you are. With the help of a local wireless service provider you can even get internet and talk time from your handset. For this you need a SIM card that supports international data and voice calling simultaneously. Also the phone has a high resolution imaging sensor which ensures clear pictures even in bright lights. Oppo F19 Pro Plus

The Oppo F19 Pro Plus is a modern phone with many advanced facilities like a large digital camera with OIS (image sensor) technology, built-in Wifi, proximity sensor, date/time counter, voice dialing, MMS, Bluetooth, infrared camera and many other facilities like gaming, music player, text to speech, FM radio, memory card reader and many other facilities. The dual SIM card allows two SIMs to be used at the same time. You can also make local, STD or ISD calls with the help of the dedicated text option provided on the handset. Also the phone supports dual screen mode for those who need it. Other than that, this Oppo F19 Pro Plus comes with an impressive user-interface which not only enhances the pleasure of using the mobile, but also makes it easier to learn using its unique features.

The Oppo F19 Pro Plus is a great fitness tool that helps in losing weight, controlling weight, regulating hunger and controlling calorie intake. It not only helps in monitoring calorie consumption and controlling the body’s temperature, but also measures respiratory rate, heart rate, and increases oxygen intake. In addition to that, the device also has a motivational speaker which makes the user understand the importance of maintaining a fit body.

Apart from the above mentioned features, the Oppo F19 Pro Plus also comes with a rich user-interface which makes it easier for the users to use the gadget. The dual-core processor powered by the Celeron 2.4 GHz offers fast and reliable data transfer. The Oppo F19 Pro Plus comes with a spacious memory space that allows the users to store plenty of important data including; contacts, photos, videos, music, contacts, calendar, links, notes etc. The built-in memory is expandable which further increases the chances of expansion of the stored data. The Oppo F19 Pro Plus helps in monitoring the calorie intake as it has a special alarm feature which alerts the user when the calorie intake goes over a set limit.

The Oppo F19 Pro Plus has two modes which are power save and power mode. In the power saving mode, the device will hibernate when the computer is switched off. When the computer is switched on, the device will start functioning again. This can be used when the battery of the gadget is low on power. The good thing about the Mediatek dimensity 800u is that it does not have any backlight; it uses an advanced Low-voltage LED and has a user-friendly interface which allows the people to navigate easily.

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